Procedure Mindfuck or OM is a crucial rehearse in the faith Discordianism.

The definition of was actually created by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson for the Illuminatus! Trilogy. Its Patron Saint might Midget.


  • 1 Traditions
  • 2 Controversy Reigns
  • 3 Patron Saint
  • 4 Projects
    • 4.1 Ongoing plans
    • 4.2 OMGASM tasks
    • 4.3 Completed works
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OM got at first inspired by Ho Chi Zen, associated with Erisian Liberation Front, that identically people but not equivalent individuals as Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, composer of The straightforward reserve of Truth. The driving approach would be that primarily proposed in The principles of game and monetary attitude by von Neumann and Morgenstern: namely, the sole plan which an opponent cannot predict is definitely a random technique. The foundation had been installed by the belated Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C., as he professed, “Most of us Discordians must all put separated.” This sweeping decentralization ly Discordian enterprises developed an integral random factor before procedure Mindfuck is proposed. Even now, neither Ho Chi Zen on his own nor virtually any Discordian apostle understands for certain who is or is not just involved in any state of procedure Mindfuck or exactly what work they truly are or usually are not associated with included in that venture. Hence, the outsider is immediately captured in a double-bind: really secure predictions is the fact items a Discordian does is actually in some way related to OM, but, because this takes straight to paranoia, this is simply not a “safe and secure” predictions after all, as well “risky” theory that no matter what Discordians are performing are harmless might be “reliable” eventually, perhaps. Every facet of OM observe, or accentuates, this double-bind.

Controversy Reigns

There can be a disagreement among Discordians with regards to irrespective of whether, through OM, they need to attempt to develop our society, topple they, or declare that the practice is in fact exclusively for celebration. Because a great deal of procedure Mindfuck itself calls for hyperbole and exaggeration regarding speaking about the Discordian Society, it is sometimes complicated to look for the actual scale from the strategy, whether it be big or almost non-existent.

In The Illuminatus! Trilogy, Operation Mindfuck is definitely epitomized by a protagonist known as Markoff Chaney, an anti-social dwarf who partcipates in insidious functional joking, in a planned make an attempt to lead to dissension, as a protest against his or her mistreatment by community. One particular laugh requires the forging of signs which happen to be closed by “The Mgt.” (major individuals think might from “The Management” in the place of “the Midget”) that include absurdities, and putting the clues in shops and various other places.

Patron Saint

The Midget ended up being known as the Discordian Saint of process Mindfuck. The character got empowered by Michael Arthur Quinn aka The Game learn of Florin.


There are lots of jobs that c laim becoming tangled up in Operation Mindfuck.

Extended plans

  • Project Jake: “Inspired by Harold Lord Randomfactor. Once or twice annually, a general public servant that known themselves by well over popular imbecility is chosen as target for a Jake and Discordian cabals are informed.” The state are recognized obtain post all the cabals at a time on Jake night. The emails should really be designed and printed in the formal letterhead of each and every associated with the cabals and ask for assist in “some complex constitutional situation that moves all reasonable knowing.” Arguably quite possibly the most wide-reaching Discordian Jake ended up being The Jake that Changed some sort of.
  • Toki Pona: an assignment which everyone can get involved with and when directed to the severe might have a wide-reaching affect humans, the just surfacing promotion to determine Toki Pona being the intercontinental communication. One proposed method is to boldly put it to use in official businesses and constitutional methods to assert that the practices is just sales as always, while getting opportunity intended to lure many awareness and outrage, like for example discovering genuine problems to submit towards UN. Lojban was recommended as an interlang to be utilized as a dialectical antithesis, a bit of discordian-funded healthier resistance are the established losers from the history.
  • Project Eagle: “Day-glo posters happen imprinted which appear that old Eagle proclamation mentioning TOWARDS FORMS YE SONS OF FLEXIBILITY. The brand new, greater Discordian circulars, however, have one small term change, and state happily REDUCE your SURVEYS YE SONS OF CHOICE. Much like the aged data, they have been announce in distinguished destinations on election week.”
  • Undertaking Pan-Pontification: This draw features the circulation of “Pope cards” proclaiming every dude, girl, and child on this planet as a Pope of dissension. POPE poster is generally become from Discordia heritage specialist
  • Project Graffito (and Project Bumpersticker): “you can now participate by inventing a particularly Erisian slogan and since really provided greater circulation. Good examples: the local authorities include Armed and damaging; Legalize Free-Enterprise Murder; Why Should governing bodies Have All the enjoyment?; crash the federal government Postal Monopoly; If Voting Could alter the process, It could be unlawful; etc.”
  • People Against drug use: “This planning possesses beautiful letterheads as well as being focused deaf dating apps Italy on a plan of promoting Congressmen to outlaw catnip, Project shot wherein issues merely appear if you wish these to punctuation optional a drug which some kids are actually smoking whenever cannabis is during brief supply.” The actual concept behind this is that since the federal reduced a lot of reliability in war on marijuana, a campaign to outlaw a “close, but considerably humorous supplement” can result in a comprehensive reduced values in national.
  • Improv every-where arranges citizens to do particular, unusual, and orchestrated practices, such as Operation Human Mirror. The group, naturally, declines being involved in OM.
  • The unique induction venture seeks to find similar individuals and puzzled majority.


Done works

  • Colbertgasm – your panels to hire Mr. Colbert and Mr. Stewart into the secret societies which they would most readily useful advantages
  • MileyGASM – the solar panels to recruit Miley Ray Cyrus into Discordian ranking and understand becoming a Discordian United states Princess

Alternative figure

Even though a portion on the alternative names for procedure Mindfuck tend to be categorized, unclassified sort consist of OM (which seems an acronym) and functioning Mindfool (used by Shamlicht teens group).


By classification, all plans of functions Mindfuck are fake, most notably this one.